Dongjiang Environmental Co.,Ltd was founded in September 1999, dual listed in Hong Kong and Shenzhen small and medium-sized plate (stock code: HK00895, SZ002672). With purpose of waste recycling and innoxious treatment, provide effective treatment for industrial and municipal waste, and also provide value-added services such as the development of environmental engineering.

We develop the high-end copper salt products electroplating grade copper sulfate, Won the 2014 national key new products, the content standard of iron, chlorine and other impurities is higher than German and Japan’s requirements.


As an industry leader, with senior industry experience and leading technology advantage,Dongjiang Environmental has earned a leading enterprise in Guangdong province and the state environmental protection, "the national major resource conservation and environmental protection demonstration project", "national first batch of circular economy pilot unit" and "national high and new technology enterprise", etc., in 2005-2009 annual consecutive selected Forbes list of China's potential 100.


In 2016, Guangdong Rising Assets Management Co., LTD. (GRAM) became the company controlling shareholder, Dongjiang Environmental into the new stage of development. The future, Dongjiang Environmental will give full play to the state-owned enterprises in the capital, talent, standardized management and government resources ect advantages, in the meantime keeping the corporation and efficient operation of market mechanism and innovation ability, explore actively to establish state-owned holding company, A + H dual-listed mixed sector of the excellent model.


At present, Dongjiang Environmental annual industrial and municipal waste comprehensive utilization and disposal capacity is more than 3.7 million tons; With 44 class of hazardous waste management qualification, waste processing capacity is more than 1.4 million tons; Consists of more than 60 subcompanies, business network covers the pearl river delta, Yangtze river delta, beijing-tianjin-hebei, the bohai sea and the Midwest market such as waste industry core region, servicing customers are more than 15000. In 2015, the company realize the business income is 2.403 billion yuan, 17.88% up from a year earlier.


In the future, Dongjiang Environmental will firmly grasp the development opportunity of the industry historical, the key to promote waste recycling and harmless process coordination treatment, to the technology innovation to promote industrial transformation and upgrading, in order to enhance the level of service and professional management to capital operation speed scale expansion, during the period of "much starker choices-and graver consequences-in" great-leap-forward development, and ultimately take Dongjiang Environmental into the "as the guide of technology innovation, based on the waste of China's


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