1The patent

Company has always been committed to the industry, the innocent treatment and utilization of municipal waste disposal and comprehensive utilization technology research and application, through technological innovation for many years, covering industrial hazardous waste recycling, dismantling, municipal sludge disposal of waste household appliances, kitchen waste recycling and harmless, landfill gas power generation, hazardous waste landfill, incineration, municipal sewage treatment, etc field, to form a number of independent intellectual property rights. In total of 120 applying patents, authorized patents are 98 items.




Company repeatedly won the national, provincial and municipal awards and honors, get fully recognized from all walks of life:

In 2015, "Guangdong province environmental protection science and technology award" the first prize, using waste etching liquid producted non-toxic alkali type copper chloride (alpha - type) of the industrialization of the research.

In 2014 the ministry of education "science and technology progress prize in" the first prize Generic technology development and application of urban circular economy development

Progress prize in Guangdong province in 2010 "environmental safety" (environmental protection publicity and education center of Guangdong province)

Guangdong science and technology awards 2009 "won third prize of PCB waste liquid (water) comprehensive treatment and utilization technology

In 2008 "Guangdong province environmental protection science and technology award" second prize Printed circuit board waste liquid and waste comprehensive treatment and utilization technology

In 2008 "National key environmental protection practical technology (class B)" comprehensive treatment and utilization of waste liquid and waste water



3Assuming task/project

Had undertaken 44 subjects of many national, provincial, municipal technology development and projects, including the ministry of science and technology "863 plan", science and technology support plan, special environmental protection environmental protection, environmental protection, "environmental protection public welfare industry scientific research project", department of science and technology major projects of Guangdong province, shenzhen science and technology plan projects, etc.


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